Green Adventures

About the programme

Green Adventures by KidSTART and SP Group will immerse KidSTART families in outdoor adventures throughout the year, helping children learn about the different environmental factors that affect our world at large. These adventures will focus on three key themes, and will be happening during the school holidays!      

Caring for the Sea at S.E.A Aquarium – May/June school holidays
Caring for the Environment at the Park – September school holidays
Caring for Animals at Mandai Zoo – December school holidays

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I register for the Green Adventures Programme?

The Green Adventures Programme by KidSTART and SP Group is for current KidSTART children only. You will receive an invitation via SMS to ballot for a ticket for each learning adventure. KidSTART will inform you if you are successful in getting a ballot.

How many tickets can I ballot for the Green Adventures Programme?

A maximum of 2 adults tickets for KidSTART parents and guardian (above 18 years old) and 4 tickets for enrolled KidSTART children between 0-6 years old. The tickets cannot be given to extended family members. If you have more than 4 enrolled KidSTART children between 0-6 years old, you may appeal for more tickets in the ballot form.

When will the ballot open for the Green Adventures programme?

The ballot will open at least 3 weeks before the event for registration.

What if I did not receive the invitation to ballot?

Please reach out to so that we can include you in the next ballot, if applicable.

What if I did not manage to get a ballot for the Green Adventures Programme?

All KidSTART families will be informed if their ballot is successful or unsuccessful. For families who were not successful, you will be put on waiting list and will be informed if there are any drop outs.