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Interview with KidSTART group volunteer

By KidSTART Singapore December 20, 2020


In a radio interview with a KidSTART group volunteer Iris Guo, she shared what KidSTART is about, why she decided to join KidSTART as a volunteer and her journey with KidSTART.  

She also gave a sharing of what she enjoys most about volunteering with KidSTART.  She found great meaning as she witness how her efforts have helped more children to be able to enjoy and have fun at the KidSTART programme. Citing an example, she felt touched when a pair of sisters who initially joined KidSTART was disinterested in the programme but had slowly opened up to her due to her perseverance, understanding and interaction with them. Now, when they see her at the hawker centres, they will run towards her with affection.  

The clipping shared that more volunteers are needed to support the expansion of KidSTART to reach another 5,000 more young children in the next 3 years. 

Listen to the full radio clip here.