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Want to be an agent of change for KidSTART?
Find out about the ways you can volunteer with us here!

Ways You Can Volunteer

1. Outreach to families

As part of the Growing Together with KidSTART initiative, we are looking for volunteers to help with our outreach efforts. KidSTART is progressively expanding nationwide. Help us to engage eligible families and to reach our goal.

Expected commitment:

  • At least 3 months (3 hours per outreach session), various locations.
  • Required to attend 2-3 hours of training before deployment

2. KidSTART Friend

A KidSTART Friend helps to provide ad-hoc support to KidSTART Practitioners and families. This includes supporting KidSTART Practitioners on home visits.

Expected commitment:

  • Required to attend 2-3 hours of training before deployment

3. Raise funds & awareness

Share about KidSTART’s cause and help to raise much-needed funds for our families. Kickstart an initiative in your school, workplace or community, and let us know how we can be a part of it.

4. Packing and delivery of essential aids & learning packs to KidSTART families

Assist in the packing and/or delivery of essential aids or learning packs to the KidSTART families. Some opportunities may require the distribution volunteers to have their own transport and work in pairs (e.g. driver & accompanying passenger).

For more information, please contact


“My biggest takeaway after becoming a part of this community is helping the families and children as well as making new friends. Positive actions bring Positive change. Volunteering with KidSTART Singapore is a great way to bring Positive change to people, communities and society. Helping children and families gives you a chance to give back to the community or make a difference to the people around you.”
Reema Acharya, KidSTART Volunteer


“I have always enjoyed volunteering. It makes me happy when I can connect with families and support KidSTART’s programme. It gives me meaning and purpose knowing that I am able to contribute to the people around. My spouse and friends have also joined me in this cause, and we always look forward to the smiles on children when we see them during each distribution drive!”
Hui Bing and Jian Qiang, KidSTART Distribution Volunteers


“I really appreciate the team efficiency in helping volunteers able to do the voluntary work with ease.”
Siti Az-zahroh, KidSTART Distribution Volunteer


“There was a family whom we visited who had 3 children. The mother was really struggling to support the children’s development. The mother was not aware of KidSTART programs and once we shared it, she was so relieved and immediately wanted to enrol in community, preschool programmes. It was a heartfelt moment for me as we have brought in some change to those children.”
Stephen, KidSTART Outreach Volunteer


“It has been an enriching experience for me ever since I joined KidSTART Singapore as a volunteer. Being able to partake in the meaningful activities has brought much joy and fulfilment to me. I am humbled to be in a position where I can contribute and make a difference to the lives of those who I interact with.”
Johnny, KidSTART Distribution Volunteer


“As a preschool educator, I believe in giving equal opportunities for children. I started volunteering with KidSTART Singapore because I strongly support its cause in empowering families to provide a strong foundation for children.”
Siti Ruquiyah, KidSTART Distribution Volunteer

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