Frequently Asked Questions

We know that a child’s development has many
contributing factors. Here, you will find resources and
answers to frequently-asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About KidSTART

What is KidSTART about?

KidSTART Singapore is a dedicated agency that provides upstream support to eligible pregnant mothers and children up to 6 years old. As a national programme, KidSTART empowers families to build strong foundations for their children and foster positive child development outcomes by supporting caregivers with guidance on child development and monitoring the developmental progress of children from birth onwards.

Research suggests that experiences in a child’s early years significantly influence his or her long-term physical, cognitive and social development. 90% of a child’s brain is formed by age 5, and early experiences can affect the child’s brain development.

Parents are a child’s first teachers and often, the most important. KidSTART therefore aims to work with parents in providing the best care for their children. We hope to equip parents to know how to:

  • Build nurturing relationships with their children,
  • Support the age-appropriate development of their children, and
  • Care for the health and social wellbeing of their children in their early years.

Depending on the child’s needs, KidSTART also works with various professionals, such as doctors, nurses and social workers, to support the child’s development.

Who is eligible for KidSTART?

Families with

  • Pregnant mothers and Singapore-citizen children aged 6 years and below,
  • A gross monthly household income of $2,500 and below or per capita income of $650 and below, and
  • Residing in the following regions:
  1. Kreta Ayer/Bukit Merah
  2. Woodlands/Sembawang
  3. Taman Jurong/Boon Lay
  4. Ang Mo Kio/Yishun
  5. Bedok/Geylang Serai
  6. Choa Chu Kang/Bukit Panjang/Bukit Batok

Regions will be expanded progressively from 2023 onwards.

Families can register their interest to join KidSTART and agencies can refer families for the programme. Click here to find out more.

What are our desired outcomes?

  1. Child achieves age-appropriate developmental milestones
  2. Child receives up-to-date immunisations
  3. Child is attending preschool regularly
  4. Parents have the knowledge and skills to promote a child’s health and development

How many children have KidSTART Singapore (SG) supported?

KidSTART SG has supported over 6,200 children since 2016.

What has the feedback been from the Pilot?

Through KidSTART’s support, parents were more confident in nurturing their child and have shared their desire to give their children a good start in life as they grow to appreciate the value of early childhood development. We have also seen parents benefiting from an increase in connectedness with other KidSTART families and from the enhanced social support provided by our practitioners and volunteers. 

About Growing Together with KidSTART (GT)

What is Growing Together with KidSTART?

Growing Together (GT) with KidSTART is an initiative led by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) in partnership with Community Chest. Encouraged by the community’s interest to support KidSTART during the pilot, the GT initiative aims to nurture this spirit of generosity and care in the community and invites partners to contribute through regular donations, sponsorships and volunteerism over a sustained period.

How can the community be part of the GT initiative?

Corporates and individuals can support KidSTART families through donations, in-kind sponsorships and volunteering.


If you are interested to make a donation or sponsorship, please contact us here.


KidSTART volunteers will get the opportunity to touch the lives of our KidSTART families through their contributions. Volunteer opportunities include outreach to eligible families for the programme, weekly support for community-based playgroups and ad-hoc support for KidSTART events. More information can be found here.

Where will the donations go to?

Donations could go towards supporting KidSTART families in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Enhance Child Development support
  • E.g. Books and toys, transport cost, CDA top-ups
  1. Support better Health & Nutrition for children
  • E.g. Milk powder, diapers, dental kits

KidSTART will pool donations centrally to ensure support to all KidSTART children and families.

How has GT benefited the KidSTART families?

Since 2016, more than 1,000 volunteers have collectively contributed more than 3,000 man-hours to support KidSTART SG. This includes corporates such as Prudential Singapore, EtonHouse Community Fund (ECF), SP Group and Kimberly-Clark Singapore who provided staff volunteers to help with activities and outreach, and donated items such as diapers and educational resources for our KidSTART families.  

During the Circuit Breaker in 2020, corporates and community partners responded quickly to the needs of some of our KidSTART families. For example, Prudential sponsored tablets while Singtel and EtonHouse ECF provided mobile routers and free data plans for our families to stay connected with KidSTART practitioners. Association for Early Childhood Educators (Singapore) (AECES) also raised over $40,000 to help KidSTART families alleviate their living expenses with grocery vouchers.

Will donations go directly to KidSTART Singapore Ltd and will these donations be tax-deductible?

KidSTART Singapore Ltd is raising funds through its partner, Community Chest (ComChest). All donations and tax receipts will be processed by ComChest. Donors may indicate their interest to donate to KidSTART SG via Community Chest.

KidSTART Expansion Plans

Which regions has KidSTART expanded into?

Kreta Ayer/Bukit Merah
Taman Jurong/Boon Lay
Ang Mo Kio/Yishun
Bedok/Geylang Serai

Choa Chu Kang/Bukit Panjang/Bukit Batok

Choa Chu Kang/
Bukit Panjang/Bukit Batok

KidSTART will expand progressively nationwide from 2023.